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Dec. 14th, 2015 09:23 am
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An index of my fics, updated as I go along. :)

Doctor Who

The Adventure-Verse - Ten/Rose

The One Adventure He'll Never Have - 15 chapters, link goes to chapter 1. - Mature
Underestimated PG
Out of the Mouths of Babes - PG
Family Ties - PG
A Shocking Discovery - R
Goodbye, My Lover - PG


The Language Lessons Series, Ten/Rose

Always - Mature
Precious - PG
Teach Me More (2 chapters, link goes to chapter 1) - Mature
Family - PG


The I Ching Series, more or less OT3

You Can Go Home Again (Jack's story) - R
Homecoming (Rose's story) - PG
Spiralling Towards Home (Ten's story) - PG
Home is Where the Heart Is (The OT3's story) - PG


Thirteen - Thirteen/Rose, PG, post-JE. Warnings for canon character death.


Out of Tune - Ten II/Rose, PG


Deeper Connection - Ten/Rose, NC-17
In Dreams - Ten/Rose, PG, AU Post-Doomsday
Pockets - Ten/Rose, PG
Star-Gazing - Ten/Rose, PG
Forever is a Gift - Ten/Rose, PG
Good Enough - Ten/Rose, PG, WIP, link goes to chapter 1
In Plain Sight - Ten/Rose, PG (sequel to "To Seek and To Find">)
Hope - Ten/Rose, PG
Mortgages - Ten/Rose, Mature
Melancholy - Ten/Rose, PG
Pillow Talk - Ten/Rose, Mature
All I Want for Christmas, Ten/Rose, PG
Atlantis to Elvis, Ten/Rose, PG
Long-Distance Travel, Ten/Rose, PG
Timorous Beastie - Ten/Rose, G
Writers are Liars - Ten/Rose, G
That's DAME Rose Tyler to you! - Ten/Rose, PG
Star Dust - Ten/Rose, PG
Five Ways Rose Knew the Doctor Loved Her, and One Way He Told Her - Ten/Rose, PG-13
Never Alone - Ten/Rose, Mature
A Spoonful of Sugar - Ten/Rose, Special Guest, G
A Chibi Halloween - Ten/Rose, assorted chibis, G
Names Ten/Rose, Drabble, R


The Slow Path - Jack, Ten, PG (Spoilers for "Utopia")


Save Her, Rose, Drabble, G
Dear Mickey, Rose, Drabble, G


If You Love Someone - Ten, PG
It Hurts - Ten, Drabble, G
The Journal - Ten, PG (Spoilers for "Family of Blood">


So Sweet - Nine/Rose, All Ages
Learning to Love - Nine/Rose, All Ages
Belonging - Nine/Rose, Mature
To Seek and To Find (Two chapters, link goes to chapter 1; prequel to "In Plain Sight") – Nine/Rose, Mature
Spoken in Silence - Nine/Rose, Mature
A Hand to Hold - Nine/Rose, PG
Sacred Couple (Two chapters, link goes to chapter 1) - Nine/Rose, PG
Threshold (Four chapters, WIP, link goes to chapter 1) – Nine/Rose, Ten/Rose, Ten 2/Rose, Mature
No More Waiting - Nine/Rose, Mature
Gentle - Nine/Rose, Mature
Acknowledging the Pink Elephant - Nine/Rose, Mature (warnings for mild D/s)


We're Hers - OT3 (Nine), Mature
"Just Purrfect! - OT3 (Nine), PG
Mistaken Identities - OT3 (Nine), PG, WIP (1 of 2)
Indecent - OT3 (Ten), Mature
Like Father, Like Son - OT3 (Ten), Drabble, G


I Dare You! - Team Torchwood, PG
Good Pteranodon! - Jack, Ianto, Myfanwy, G
Frozen - Team Torchwood, PG. Spoilers for "To the Last Man".
Build a Better Mousetrap - Jack, Tosh, Owen, PG
Just Give Me Peace - Jack, G
Memories - Jack, G
Responsibility - Jack, G
We Can't Save Them All - Jack, Gwen, PG
The Gift of Life - Jack, Gwen, PG
Otters - Tosh, Jack, G
In the Mood - Jack/Estelle, G
The Right Kind of Doctor - Jack, PG
Five Ways Jack Harkness Never Left Satellite Five, and One Way He Did - Jack, Gwen, PG-13


Reunited Series - Doctor Who/Torchwood Crossover (OT3)

Reunited (15 chapters, link goes to chapter 1) - Mature
Children's Crusade (WIP, 5 chapters finished, link goes to chapter 1) – PG

Collaborazione (WIP, link goes to chapter 1) – Jack, Tosh, Gwen, Rose

Interstices - Jack/Nine/Rose, Jack/Gwen, PG-13

Harry Potter

After (Spoilers for Deathly Hallows) - Harry/Ginny, Mature

Breaking the Silence (Spoilers for Deathly Hallows) - George/Katie, Mature

Satin and Lace - R/T, Mature

Working Late - Ron/Hermione, Mature

Before You Go - H/G, PG-13
Chestnut - H/G, PG
Green - H/G, PG
Memories - H/G, PG
A Comedy of Errors (Three chapters, link goes to chapter 1) - H/G, R/Hr, PG
Lost and Found - H/G, Mature

The Heal the Pain Series

Heal the Pain (Link goes to Phoenix Song: 28 chapters) - H/G, R/Hr, PG
Treehouse Outtake (Outtake from Heal the Pain) - H/G, Mature
Harry's Other Birthday Present (Outtake from Heal the Pain) – H/G, Mature
Outtake: Behind the Scenes of Heal the Pain - H/G, R/Hr, PG
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