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Title: So Sweet
Author: [ profile] aibhinn
Rating: PG
Pairing: Nine/Rose
Summary: It's jealousy, that's what it is, pure and simple. He's jealous of Jack because Rose seems so taken with him, so quickly.
Spoilers: The Doctor Dances (is that still a spoiler?)
Disclaimer: Not mine. Not making any money. Please not to sue me.
Author's Note: Written for round 1.07 of [ profile] writerinatardis. Prompt: Take a canon moment and turn it around to make it romantic.

The Doctor knew there would be trouble from the get-go on this adventure; after all, it had started with a ship painted mauve. And he'd been right. Landing smack in the middle of the London Blitz: check. Rose wandering off: check. A mysterious boy with a gas mask, who's oddly feared by an intelligent and enterprising girl who obviously knows something he doesn't: check. Physical injuries as plague: check.

He hadn't counted on 'Captain' Jack Harkness, ex-Time Agent and conman less-than-extraordinaire. Or on Rose's ability to fall in love with the most inappropriate people at the most inopportune times. Like now, when they're stuck in a storage room at the Albion Hospital, with the gas-mask boy searching for them and 'Captain' Jack disappearing out from under their noses.

Even the om-com from Jack doesn't help matters, especially once he turns on the Glenn Miller. "Our song," Rose tells him, and he has to bite his lip to keep from retorting. Less than two hours together and this 'Captain' already has a song with her?

He swallows his irritation and tries to find something useful to do. Resonating concrete: that'll work, as a distraction at least. He's fairly certain 'Captain' Jack will come back for them, though he can't quite stop himself from denying it when Rose asks him. It's jealousy, that's what it is, pure and simple. He's jealous of Jack because Rose seems so taken with him, so quickly. He knows he shouldn't be—Rose is her own woman, and in any case is far too young for him, and from a time and place that wouldn't understand him even if she wanted to.

And she doesn't deserve him. Doesn't deserve to be tied to an ancient alien with so much blood on his hands it's a wonder he doesn't drown in it. What she deserves is a man like herself: human, intelligent, quick-thinking, brave, young, beautiful . . . .

A man like Jack.

"Doesn't the universe implode or something if you . . . dance?"

The casual, unintentional cruelty of that line stings him, and he finds himself saying, "Well, I've got the moves, but I wouldn't want to boast."

She falls silent, and he closes his eyes briefly, hoping that's the end of the conversation. He doesn't think he can bear to be compared to 'Captain' Jack any more. He already knows the 'Captain' is far better for Rose than he is; why does she have to keep flinging it in his face?

The music gets louder suddenly. Startled, he turns to look. She's up and out of her wheelchair, turning the radio volume higher. The look in her eyes is one he's not seen before, and a frisson of . . . something . . . slides down his spine. He's not sure what. It's not fear, though. No, definitely not fear.

"You've got the moves?" Her eyebrow quirks up, and so does one corner of her mouth. She holds out her hand. "Show me your moves."

It's a challenge, and yet it's something more too; something he's not quite willing to identify. "Rose . . . " he begins, then realises he doesn't quite know how to finish that sentence. "I'm trying to resonate concrete," he concludes, rather lamely.

"Jack'll be back, he'll get us out. So come on—the world doesn't end 'cos the Doctor dances."

The dismissive way she says the name Jack, combined with the look on her face and the twinkle in her eye, is the last straw. If 'Captain' Jack wants her, he can bloody well fight for her—right now, he's going to take the opening she's offering. He's tired of waiting, tired of watching her wander off with whichever bloke takes her fancy; it's his turn now.

He meets her eyes and doesn't look away as he turns off the sonic screwdriver and slips it into the inside pocket of his jacket, then steps down from the crate he's been standing on. The flirtatious look on her face—for that's what it was, she's been flirting with him—fades slightly, but she doesn't back away, nor drop her hand. She didn't expect this, he's sure; didn't expect him to finally act on the tension that's between them.

Neither did he, but damned if he's going to back down now.

He steps in close, takes her hand, looks down at it. Perfect skin, flawless and soft, radiating such warmth, such comfort. Slowly he raises it to his lips, presses a kiss in the hollow of her palm. She shivers, but doesn't look away, and her eyes dilate.

He pulls her hand away slightly, lets his mouth quirk in a half-smile. "Like that?" he asks, his voice a few steps deeper. "Or were you thinking about proper dancing?"

She takes a deep breath, and then she's stepping forward, sliding her free hand around the back of his neck and pulling him in. He bends to kiss her, dropping her hand in favour of sliding his arms around her, and oh, she's sweet, sweet and satin-soft and smelling of soap and shampoo and makeup and Rose. Her mouth opens beneath his and he strokes his tongue along hers, pulling her hips tight against his and revelling in the light whimper he drags from her. This is where she should be, with him, with him, not with . . . .

"Oh, sorry," Jack's voice says in a manifestly unrepentant tone. "Guess I shoulda looked before I teleported you up. You guys are so sweet."

They break apart, breathing heavily, and the Doctor shoots Jack his best Oncoming Storm Death Glare. Jack's still grinning, but he holds up a hand in a gesture of apology and . . . is that surrender? The Doctor raises an eyebrow, and Jack glances at Rose, who's trying to hide her blushes, then back at the Doctor, and nods.

It's enough. The Doctor nods as well, in acceptance, and as Jack picks up where he left off, talking about overriding the teleport security and taking the nav-com offline, the Doctor keeps a hand possessively on Rose's shoulder. She shoots him a quick smile.

Maybe this 'Captain' Jack isn't such a bad bloke after all.
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