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Title: I dare you!
Author: [ profile] aibhinn
Rating: PG
Summary: The Torchwood team indulges in a round-robin game of 'dare', in which the piss is thoroughly taken out of Owen.
Pairing: Implied Jack/Ianto and Rhys/Gwen
Author's Note: Written for Isabelle, for the Support Stacie auction. She wanted to see the team daring each other. It's turned out very, very silly, but it's been fun to write!

I dare you! )
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Title: A Spoonful of Sugar
Author: [ profile] aibhinn
Rating: G
Character(s): Ten, Rose, and a Very Familiar Face.
Warnings: Crack!fic. Serious, serious crack.
Disclaimer: Nobody could possibly believe I think I own any of the characters portrayed here. At least, I hope not. I certainly don't.
Summary: Sometimes Time Lords—or Ladies—are found in the oddest places.
Author's Note: Apologies for this one. I blame [ profile] kynaii for the original plot bunny, but posting it is entirely my fault.

A Spoonful of Sugar )
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Author: [ profile] aibhinn
Title: "Just Purrfect!"
Rating: G
Pairing: Nine/Jack/Rose
Spoilers: Jack travelled with Rose and the Ninth Doctor for a time. That's all I spoil.
Warnings: Um. Keep insulin on hand?
Summary: A run-in with a molecular destabiliser leaves the Doctor a little, erm, catty.
Author's note: This is pure crack, inspired by this picture by [ profile] dameruth and aided and abetted by a bad case of the flu and the associated medications that go with it. Assume an established Nine/Jack/Rose threesome relationship. Thanks to [ profile] souleswanderer for the title!

Purrfect. Just purrfect. )


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